Shark Week’s - “Capsized: Blood In The Water” - 2019

Had the pleasure of working on "Capsized: Blood in the Water", starring Josh Duhamel, the first original feature-length scripted Shark Week movie!

It was a grueling fast-paced schedule, but we got it done just in time for air. Along with friend and fellow colorist Brian Boyd, we had to do many VFX shots on our own, a lot of color matching and very long hours!

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Cinedeck Podcast - Freelancer’s Toolkit Series 1

In May of 2019, I had the pleasure of being asked to do a podcast to discuss the tools that I use on an everyday basis as a freelancer in NYC. Here I discuss my career path and the tools that help me keep on top of things as a colorist and finishing editor, including , but not limited to, Davinci Resolve, Filmlight’s Baselight, Avid, Cinedeck’s CineXtools, and Boris FX.

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The Accidental Wolf Season 2

Super excited to be working on Season 2 of The Accidental Wolf starring Kelli O'Hara. with director Arian Moayed, DP Cohlie Brocato, Editor Andrew Leven, and the whole Waterwell Films team!

Conform and color start this week!

NAB 2019

Another exhausting, exciting, but thankfully successful Vegas trip! Check out some videos and pics from my main stage presentations at the Avid booth! (click on pics to enlarge)

Full Interview w/Jordan from Avid right after one of the main stage presentations

Quick little promo for the main stage presentations


HPA Tech Retreat Special Guest for Cine X Tools

(Feb. 2019)

Flattered to be invited by Cinedeck to speak on there behalf at the 2019 HPA Tech Retreat in Palm Springs, CA. Come join good friend and colleague Matt Schneider and I at our 2 breakfast round tables, hosted by Cinedeck’s John Harris, February 13th & 14th. Where we will discuss the power and efficiency of using Cine X Tools in your post production workflows, and hear how much time and money it can save you!

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Digital Production BuZZ - Podcast (Jan. 2019)

On January 31st, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Larry Jordan for Digital Production BuZZ’s weekly podcast, where I was able to discuss my career path along with working closely with Filmight and the great things about using the Baselight Editions Plug-in For Avid.

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Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 6.11.51 PM.png

Filmlight Releases IBC Demo - Full Video

In September of 2018, Mike was a guest speaker at IBC for Filmlight. Showing off the power of the Baselight Editions Plug-in for Avid. Sharing his recent experiences live using the new Baselight 5 for Avid tools, with a focus on Base Grade, Texture Equalizer, Boost Contrast, and other new features.

Click here to be taken to Filmight’s website where you can watch the full video, along with other videos from the Filmlight Colour Day.


Since going out on my own this last year, I have had the great experience of working on many amazing & different types of projects, I have done color on some commercials, HDR Netflix series, doc features, doc series, and even did some VFX work on some network TV shows. But one project in particular stands out.

The is a feature film called ‘Anya’. This project stands out most to me, because I had the task to “do it all”. I was taking on the role of a whole post house. I would conform the project, color, do some VFX work, take care of renting out rooms at different facility’s, creating and overseeing the DCP process and eventually finish things off with some theatrical screenings.

All of these processes are not new to me, but I never had to try to do it all by myself, I was always surrounded by a team of co-workers who would collaboratively come together to create a final product within a full scale post house.

In the summer of 2018, I was contacted by filmmakers Carylanna Taylor and Jacob Okada. Once hired to work on the film, I would spend many hours on the phone, or Skype sessions, to discuss the process of helping their film come to life. An added hurdle was that throughout the beginning of the post process we were also working remotely as they were based in Florida until the end of the summer. But despite all of this, they gave me the chance to prove that I could pull this off. Throughout the whole project they were so great, both professionally and personally. And couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with for what would be my first full on feature.

I’m very proud of the final product and can’t wait for the rest of the world to see it in 2019.

Please visit the ANYA website by clicking on the above image or this link, you can also see an excerpt from the movie as well by clicking here!

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 12.34.13 AM.png

Carylanna and Jacob also had asked me to write a little blog about working on their film from a colorists point of view, and were kind enough to create an entire page on their website for me, complete with some before and after shots.

Click here to be taken directly to this page, and check out some examples below.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 11.09.37 PM.png

Post Production Podcast w/Matt Schneider

Had the great pleasure to once again team up with former co-worker and friend Matt Schneider, for an in depth discussion about post production workflows and the hurdles we have to go through. And most of all, how to navigate the ever changing world of technology, and the effects it has on the post.